When is a kiss not just a kiss?

Well, if you happen to be 12 years old and receiving your very first one from none other than Carrie Underwood, it definitely puts that particular smooch in a class by itself.

During her concert in Louisville, Ky., on Saturday, the country singer spotted a young fan holding up a sign asking Underwood if she would be his first kiss.

Much to his delight, Underwood proceeded to invite him onstage, asked the kid his name (Chase) and took him by the hand.

"How we gonna do this?" Underwood asked.

"Lip to lip," Chase confidently replied, despite the fact the songstress had warned him that her husband was somewhere in the building.

"This is the smartest kid ever!" Underwood pointed out before puckering up and planting a quick peck on his mouth before informing the crowd afterward, "That's the only time that is ever going to happen!"

To which a collective "darn" was no doubt heard.

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