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There's this little show called Homeland that no one is talking about right now, but we are going to do it anyway.

Homeland, which just swept all the major categories at last night's Emmys (mayhaps you heard?) returns this Sunday on Showtime and Damian Lewis (Brody) hints that season two may actually top season one…Thanks, in part to his strange onscreen romance with fellow Emmy winner (holler!) Claire Danes (Carrie).

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"The writers have stumbled upon this [Carrie and Brody romance] thing slightly, I think," Damian told me backstage. "It's taken everyone a bit by surprise, the possibility that Homeland is not just a thriller, but has this strange central spine which is a kind of love story. And so there will be more of it."

"Season two is about the characters getting back on their feet," executive producer Howard Gordon adds. "And we are finding a way for Brody and Carrie to find each other again…and [Spoiler alert!] they do."

And while Claire is loving the dramatic twists and turns of the Brody-Carrie connection, she apparently has some actual, physical twists coming her way on set.

"We're about to do an episode now where there's a lot of action for Carrie Mathison," Damian teases. "She's going to be jumping off roofs and through alleyways and all that kind of stuff! I think [Claire] may be six months [pregnant] now, so I hope she's OK or else we're having that baby onset…Who's got the cold compresses?! But she's amazing. Utterly committed to the show and to her role and I have to say I enjoy every minute on camera with her, I do. It's great."

When asked how she plans to handle the physicality of shooting the next episode, Claire just lets out a little laugh. "I'll tell you in a month! I'll be visiting the craft service table pretty regularly. I will be sitting down in between shots. Day by day. Scene by scene. Hour by hour. Minute by minute."

And Claire still has several weeks of shooting to go. "We're in the midst of filming the second season, so we're still very much at it. I'm not putting my feet up any time soon."

So what else do Homeland fans really need to know before Sunday's premiere? "I think you'll be surprised by how good the CIA are this year," Damian reveals. "They were a little sluggish last year, I thought. But this year the CIA are on Brody's ass and they're on it quick, and the walls close in on Brody quicker than you would think."

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