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Here's a Hollywood secret: Celebs, much like vampires, have one source of strength. No, you won't see an A-lister tipping back an O negative cocktail. Instead, the glitterati power up when photographed on a red carpet.

Behold, last night's 2012 Emmy Awards in which the starlets flocked with hungry eyes, tulle gowns and perfect…nails.

Yes, nails, because everything needs to be just so if you're going to catch the eye of the life giving papz.

Starting with our gal-pal Kelly Osbourne. While her Zac Posen lilac dress matched her hair, we were glad to see that she shook things up with some dark and edgy nails.

Then came Modern Family star Sarah Hyland who opted for a twist on the French mani by using a soft gray base and glitter tips. Very clever, Hyland.

And, finally, the quirkiest sourpuss of them all, Ms. Zooey Deschanel, who went all out by painting a tinsel TV set on her nails. Let's just say that if Zooey's Emmy nomination went as well as her manicure, she'd be holding a golden statue right now.

So, when it comes to these celeb mani's, which one is most award-worthy?

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