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Modern Family swept all its major categories at last night's Emmys. As predicted. For the third year in a row. Also, water is wet.

If you found yourself wishing voters had chosen some new winners, well…Guess what? Repeat winners Eric Stonestreet and Julie Bowen agree!

"I really thought Jesse Tyler Ferguson] or Ed O'Neill] were going to win," Eric told me backstage after his second win in the supporting category. "It doesn't feel right that I've won two and [Jesse] hasn't won one. It'll never feel right until we're on equal terms." Still, he adds, "I"m honored and humbled."

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Did you see Sophia Vergara's wardrobe malfunction? Ay, Carumba!

The 41-year-old actor (who, yes, really was a pig farmer growing up!) actually teared up while talking about his onscreen partner Jesse, saying, "I'm getting choked up because I love him. We wouldn't be successful as a comedy duo and that's exactly is what we are, if we didn't have genuine affection for each other. I admire who he is as a person and I think he respects what I stand for."

His heartfelt affection was quite honestly moving. But still, Eric, no need to cry, buddy! 'Cause Julie Bowen has it all worked out! See, last year on Emmy morning, I spotted Julie running, and that night, she won. And this year, I spotted Julia-Louise Dreyfus running and…boom, and she won. So Julie has a plan: "Can I invite Jesse, Sophia and Ed to come and run in front of your house next year? You'll wake in the morning and they will just be there. Running. Okay?"


Sophia and Ed's onscreen son, Rico Rodriguez (Manny) is on board with that. "Sophia is my TV mom! She deserves to win! It's not right she hasn't won yet. She's so funny."

But Julie's onscreen daughter Ariel Winter (Alex) has her back: "I am happy for my TV mom. I mean, she is just such an amazing actress and so great to work with and we love her."

Meanwhile, Modern Family boss Steve Levitan, who won for writing along with the comedy series award, just hopes viewers aren't tiring of all the Pritchett-Dunphy wins. "I hope we don't wear out our welcome. I know people like to see a new winner. But now we know we just have to go back and work extra hard to get back here next year."

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