Joseph Gordon-Levitt Strips, Plays The Most Interesting Man in the World's Son on Saturday Night Live

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By Brandi Fowler Sep 23, 2012 5:31 PMTags

Joseph Gordon-Levitt gave viewers a little more than they bargained for when he kicked off his second hosting stint on Saturday Night Live with a strip show.

"It is so great to be back here hosting Saturday Night Live!," the Dark Knight Rises star said in his opening monologue. "You know what my favorite superhero movie of the summer was? Magic Mike. And you know what my favorite part of Magic Mike was? This part," Gordon-Levitt said, ripping off his blazer and doing a hilarious, pelvic thrusting dance routine with a few SNL cast mates.

But, that wasn't all the transformative thesp had up his sleeve. 

Gordon-Levitt showed off his chameleonic acting chops in various sketches throughout the night, going from a fashion-loving hip hopper in "Finer Things" to a boy-crazy teenage girl in "My Daughter," among other characters.

And while he rocked the majority of the sketches that he was in, he really shined in the two "Tres Equis" sketches as The Most Interesting Man in the World's son—a man who owns five different styles of fedoras, can "sort of break dance" and puts in a negative amount when he tips, and "says it's cash back."

A few other notable skits included "Undecided Voter," A PSA about undecided voters who had questions about the election like "When is the election?", "What are the names of the two people running?", and "Can women vote?"

Nasim Pedrad and Jay Pharaoah were also spot-on in their impersonations of Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan, respectively, in the "Live with Kelly and Michael Cold Open." And a brooding, lip-pursing Bill Hader also showed up to play Robert Pattinson, the main guest on their show.

And in "The Hypnotist" Gordon-Levitt was back to play a hypnotist who couldn't hypnotize an audience member (Taran Killam), but the audience member pretended to be hypnotized anyway and poked fun at the hypnotist when he wasn't looking.

Mumford and Sons was on hand to perform "I Will Wait" and "Below My Feet." The folk-rock band also made an appearance in "Fine Food," posing as a Beatles cover band and dedicating "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" to the groom-to-be in the bar (Gordon-Levitt). 

So, tell us, what did you think about Gordon-Levitt's stint as SNL host? Did he rise to the occasion? Or fall flat?

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