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New TV season, new characters, new…love interests?!

Brand-new episodes of your favorite shows means that with your returning plotlines and romances comes pairings and situations that you are just not prepared for. For example, someone on The Vampire Diaries might be getting hot for teacher. And a new character on Revenge will be turning up the drama in the Hamptons, while the How I Met Your Mother gang will have to face an engagement issue never dealt with before. All that, plus scoop on Revolution, NCIS: LA, Glee and more in today's Spoiler Chat.

Gemma: What's coming up for my girl Bonnie on The Vampire Diaries this season?!
"Bonnie's going to meet someone who's going to have a huge impact on her future. That's really exciting," Kat Graham teases. So, who's the new someone? Shane, a professor at the local college, played by David Alpay, who believes in the occult and shares a history with our resident witch. "[He]'s going to take her down a different kind of road. We'll see how that plays itself out."

Jessica: Revenge, Revenge, Revenge!
Prepare to meet the domineering and self-made Miriam, a woman in her 60s who is so intimidating even her own family is kind of scared of her. And the wealthy older gentlemen of the Hamptons should definitely watch out for this one because she knows how to turn on the charm when they're around.

Ursula: Revenge scoop, please and thank you!
Viewers will be treated to some shirtless Jack and Nolan within the premiere's first 15 minutes. You're welcome.


Ron P. Jaffe/CBS

Julia in Denver: How I Met Your Mother spoilers!
What's the first thing you take into consideration after proposing to your beloved? No, not how happy you are…that's foolish. If you have a lot of money, you holler, "We want prenup!" And our goal to insert a Kanye West lyric into Spoiler Chat has been attained. Anyway, in the season premiere of HIMYM, Barney will be having a talk with his lawyer about prenuptial agreements. And you'd think he would want to be careful with the money he got from doing…whatever it is that he does. But on the contrary, his lawyer will have to work to convince him to have Quinn sign one! Now, we ain't sayin' she a gold digger…

Shania: We're not seeing much of Will on Glee. What gives?
That's the same question we asked Matthew Morrison, and he told us he's grateful to be getting less screen time on Glee so he can work on his own album. "This season has actually been kind of good because there is the whole New York aspect of the show," he says. "I don't work as much. I could have never fit [my album] in before. This has been really great." But don't worry, Schue fans. He'll be around a lot more later in the season to take New Directions back to Nationals! "I think before, it was this goal of winning nationals that could never be attained," he tells us. "But now I think there are a lot of fresh people, but we have this trophy in our room now, this tangible object to know that it can be done and if you work hard enough and follow your dreams, it can happen." Maybe we'll get back-to-back National championships trophies!

@mizdozmama: Any #NCISLA scoop? I'm totally intrigued about what the new season will offer.
Things will be heating up between Eric and Nell this season! That's the exact wording Renée Felice Smith used when we talked to her and Barrett Foa recently. "There is some potential making out," Smith tells us coyly. And just when we were getting excited for some nerdy action, Foa totally rained on our sex parade! "We work together, so you can't just be hot and heavy off the bat," he says. "It's going to take at least nine seasons for a peck on the cheek." Start the countdown…now!


Nino Munoz/NBC

@samanthasbailey: Got an scoop on #Revolution? #SpoilerChat
Are you wondering if Captain Neville is really as bad as he seems? So were we, so we went straight to Giancarlo Esposito for the scoop! Here's what he told us about his seemingly nefarious character: "Yes, he's had to do bad things, because sometimes people don't want to listen. He has to be the one who discerns whether or not you're a traitor or trying to hide something from him. [But] any historically bad person has an interesting motivation for what they do. Whether it be to protect a group of people or to strengthen their country, they have justifications for what they do and they believe in those. I believe that Captain Neville is the last step before anarchy. He wants the truth—and that's a good thing."

Colby: Can't wait for Law & Order: SVU to come back! Any scoop on the new season?
"There are some lingering affects that rattle the core of our ensemble," Danny Pino tells us of last season's finale, which found Captain Cragen under suspicion of murder. "[Captain Cragen] is in the crosshairs. So is Amaro." Yikes! As for what we can expect from Amaro in season 14, Pino teases, "You'll see his relationship with his wife and how he navigates through that…or not."

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—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins and Tierney Bricker

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