Amanda Bynes

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We're not sure what happened to Amanda Bynes last night—and even video footage of her latest adventure in West Hollywood doesn't do much to clear it up.

An eyewitness confirms to E! News that an altercation took place between Bynes and a photographer at around 6 p.m. Wednesday outside Rosa Mexicana restaurant on Sunset Boulevard.

Video obtained by features the ultimately offended shutterbug accusing the addled starlet of grabbing his camera and digging her nails into his neck—but none of that can be seen on the video and Bynes says, "I didn't touch you!" as she speed-walks away.

The incident occurred on the heels of a brief phone interview Bynes gave to People in which she declared, "I'm doing amazing," and told the mag she is retired from acting and planning a move to New York to start a fashion line.

The video kicks off with Bynes shielding her face with a big furry shawl and telling the paparazzo, "Stop," as he snaps away.

He compliments her bag and begs, "Come on, can I just get a frame?...I want to show the world that you are a safe person to be speaking to."

The video was then edited to tease what happened afterward: The angle cuts to the ground and the pap is saying, "Amanda, let go of my camera! You're breaking my camera!" 

Then it's back to when all was calm: "Let me see the footage you just got," Bynes says, approaching the pap. She tells him, "You have to delete the first one." Then, saying, "Let's get along, I like your shirt," she proceeds to pose for a different shot.

But he apparently wouldn't delete the other pic and she insists, "You have to delete the one of my face. I need to look beautiful."

The footage goes blurry and the pap tells Bynes to stop pinching him. 

"You pinched me!" she fires back, her whole body in the shot now. "I did not even touch you!" he replies.

Then—and this is where it gets confusing—the photographer is yelling at her as she walks away, her back to the camera, "Let me go, what the hell is wrong with you? Stop that!" Then, while the footage appears edited to get his statements in a row: "You dug your nails into my neck, lady!" "Dude, are you insane with that?!"

Then Bynes turns around and starts walking toward the camera again, protesting, "I didn't touch you!"

Also yesterday, a judge determined that Bynes wasn't a danger to others in rejecting the prosecution's request for bail of $50,000. A trial date of Oct. 29 has been set for the What a Girl Wants star's misdemeanor DUI and hit-and-run case.

Bynes' rep did not respond to a request for comment about her argument with the paparazzo. The West Hollywood Sheriff's Station told us today that it had no record of any complaints pertaining to the incident.

—Reporting by Baker Machado and Claire Pires

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