Danielle Murphree, Ian Terry, Dan Gheesling, Big Brother 14

Sonja Flemming/CBS

"I hope you're not too disgusted with me,"  Dan Gheesling pleaded tonight on Big Brother 14 as he entreated the jury one last time to hand him the $500,000 prize.

And that about sums up what we were down to Wednesday on the show's season finale (don't cry, CBS has renewed it for next summer!)—the crafty, manipulative season-10 winner vs. the slightly more conscientious Danielle Murphree and Ian Terry.

"He's going to leave a man one way or another, " ousted veteran houseguest Mike "Boogie" Malin said of Quack Pack leader Ian, who claimed that Dan gave him his grandfather's gold cross as collateral to ensure that he wouldn't vote Ian off the show.

"There are a lot of things I'm ashamed of," Dan admitted when questioned about lies he had told after swearing on his wife or on the Bible that he was telling the truth. "I had to play a ruthless game. If I could take it back, would I? Yeah...I was up to my elbows in blood."

Well, not quite, but he did stab a lot of folks in the back, a statement he would be first to agree with.

During the first half of tonight's finale, the field was whittled down to two after Dan won the first part of the final Head of Household competition and Ian won the last two parts. Perhaps figuring that the "probability, statistics and a little bit of heart" that he used to navigate the depths of Big Brother would curry more favor with the jury than Dan's ruthless tactics, Ian sent Danielle packing.

No wonder then that Danielle cast her vote for Dan.

But in the end, Ian was $500,000 richer after being named the winner of Big Brother 14.

"This is easily the best moment of my entire life...Quack-quack is all I've got to say," Ian said in appreciation. Frank Eudy, meanwhile, walked away with the title of America's Favorite Houseguest and $25,000.

Guess a little bit of pluck beats a whole lot of pissing people off every time!

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