Katie Couric, Katie Show

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Someone looks very distinguished.

In honor of her hair-themed talk show today, Katie Couric decided to strut a gray wig while strolling around New York City and asking pedestrians their thoughts on her "new look."

"More and more women these days are going gray and I decided I wanted to know what it felt like, at least on a temporary basis," the Katie host said. But we must say, when the day comes that Couric rocks the gray locks permanently, she'll have nothing to worry about. It looks good on her!

She also got together with Wendy Williamswho proudly wears a wig all the time, even at the gym—to talk about her wig collection (which she is extremely protective of).

"You're very, very, very particular about your wig. I asked Wendy if I could put on one of her wigs...And she acted like I wanted to put on her underwear that she's wearing right now."

Now you know—don't dare try to get all up in Wendy's wig.

What about Katie's gray wig? Are you a fan? Sound off in the comments!

Some of these celebs are just wiggin' out!

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