If the name Adnan Ghalib doesn't ring a bell, let us refresh your memory. The former paparazzo was once Britney Spears' main man

Today, he was our numero uno when he stopped by Live From E! to provide exclusive insight about what went on behind the scenes with Kate Middleton's topless photo scandal!

Adnan dished on what the photos might be worth, how they were taken and gives us the lowdown on celebs' right to "privacy."

So, first things first—what are the photos worth?

Adnan estimated that these "priceless" pics might have fetched up to $1 million! But, don't quit your day job yet, folks! You're going to need more than your cell-phone camera if you want to compete with the professional paps. The lens used to snap the photos of Kate was most likely a 1200mm—don't worry, we did the math for you…that's almost FOUR feet long!—with a "times two doubler" attachment, according to Adnan.

As he knows all too well, with photogs carrying cameras the size of bazookas, even the best can get busted. When he was caught canoodling with Britney Spears in Mexico during their whirlwind romance, he too felt the sting of the long lens. Still, he says that even before that experience, he believed celebs had a right to privacy in certain situations (we're guessing that one probably isn't in the paparazzi training manual). 

"I was excited to see the photos," he says, "but [were the royals] fair game…no. You still have to expect some kind of privacy. But [the photographer] went over the line."

Also, on the show, we discussed Lindsay Lohan's early morning arrest in NYC and the latest on the Robsten reunion rumors.

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