Katey Sagal, Jimmy Smits, Sons of Anarchy

Last week, on the fifth season opener of Sons of Anarchy, we were in for a bit of shock, and so was Tig, who unfortunately had to witness his daughter Dawn's gruesome muder. She was burned to death by newcomer Pope, the father of the woman Tig killed in season four.

A brutal start to a brutal season? Most likely, yes.

Let Tig Mourn, at Least for a Minute: While Jax and Gemma are away in the safe-keeping of Nero's whorehouse (remember, Nero is the nice-seeming pimp played by Jimmy Smits. Still having a tough time getting over that one? Because we are), word comes of Tig's misfortune, and the gang rushes off to the man's side. Once there, the men burn the Niners responsible for the deed in the pit where Tig's daughter was killed. And, yes, revenge is as gruesome and bloody on this show as ever.

Let's Get Married: Gemma and Clay are in the unfortunate position of having to deal with police after their place is trashed. "Do you have any idea who would do with such a thing?" the police ask. And the usual response of "hell no" is all the response anyone with a badge will get in return. Meanwhile, Jax hears of the ransacking and makes sure all the guys are aware of the risk the Niners possess. But he's also aware of the threat as well, so he has a proposition for his ladylove, Tara: "Let's get married. Today." Sure, they happen to be standing in a brothel when he says it, but love is love, right? "I'll make the arrangements," she replies. Big kiss.

It's Time for a Car Chase, and Some Bonding: After Jax accompanies Tig to a house where he thinks his still-living daughter, Fawn, might be in danger (she did happen to be tied up-but, uh, was partaking in some adult sexual activity) Nero picks up Jax from the house, and together the pair have a bit of bonding time. Nero, turns out, used to be a real bad guy, but he put down the needle and picked up the books, he says, and has since moved on to the much more noble profession of…pimping. The pair visit Nero's son, who suffers from a debilitating physical condition, spina bifida, and as they leave Nero notices that they are being tailed. And off we go.

Let's Have a Wedding, and Then Give Ourselves Up to the Cops: An angry Gemma finds the marriage papers being delivered for her son's wedding, and instead of throwing the tantrum we all expect, she gives the couple her rings and asks if she can stay to watch the wedding. Which is glorious, by the way, because it's a makeshift whorehouse wedding, one where we see the pair exchange their eternal promise with not just Gemma present, but the lascivious activity of sexworkers in rooms nearby. Unexpected? Totally. Delightful because of the setting? Yes. But no good feeling can last forever, and soon the worry of Pope's revenge calls Jax out to the field, and to turning himself in (there's a warrant out for his and the Sons' arrest), with the hope that the getting out is easy. Just as the cops arrive, Opie does too, and to show his allegiance to his men, socks one of the cops in the face. What better way to show you're staying close?


"Romeo is the only one that can protect us from Pope." —Jax
"Let's get married. Today." —Jax
"He's my boyfriend, you a--hole!" —Fawn
"And the bigger picture was p---y." —Jax

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