If there's anything the Jersey Shore stars know how to do it's go viral. We're talking on the Internet here, people.

So it makes sense that one of the fist-pumpin' guidos has caught on to the latest video to sweep the net: "Gangnam Style!" While Vinny Guadagnino didn't get a firsthand tutorial of Korean rapper PSY's signature dance moves (like Britney Spears recently did), he probably didn't need it.

Pauly D's BFF took to YouTube to upload a video of him—along with a couple of pint-sized pals donning sweet shades—showing off his best Gangnam moves. Any like anything that has to do with this particular sensation, it's best you just watch it for yourself.

Hey, maybe now that Jersey Shore is officially coming to end, Vinny has found his next calling in teaching tots to boogie? Give him a call, Nick Jr.!

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