First Look: Christina Aguilera's Sexy and Sultry "Your Body" Teaser Trailer!

Songstress gives fans a sneak peek at the music video for her new single

By Alyssa Toomey Sep 18, 2012 6:58 PMTags

It's no secret Christina Aguilera is a pro at working her signature curves and bleached-blond hair, and the diva's bold style and sultry moves are on full display in the new teaser trailer for the single "Your Body."

The singer debuted the clip on her official VEVO channel and posted it on her Twitter account with a short message for her fans, "Here's a video teaser for #YourBody. Can't wait for you to see the music video premiere. Soon! XoXtina," she wrote.

Despite the sneak peek being just over 30 seconds, Xtina has time to hitchhike, seduce a convenience store clerk and even blow up a car (all while working her body for the camera, natch).

She's also rocking her signature colored hair and sports an extreme all-over style rather than just the pink and purple tips she's been loving as of late.

Candy colors are also a staple in the bright and bold video, as the vocal powerhouse belts out the lyrics in skintight dresses that show off the pop queen's banging bod.

And even Lady Gaga herself is already showing support for Christina's new song:

"@therealXtina just bought your new single. Seems the old Christina i loved has returned! Congratulations!! :) ," the pop star tweeted this morning.

Christina agrees, the album takes you back to the old Aguilera we all know and love:

"There is a lot I have gone through personally over the past few years, and this record represents a rebirth for me," she told Ryan Seacrest on his radio show Friday. "The record is about freedom and getting back to the root of who I am and what I love to do."

The single, which is the first track off of Lotus, Aguilera's upcoming studio album—her seventh and her follow-up to 2010's Bionic—is now available on iTunes.

What do you think of the preview video for Christina's new single? Are you a fan of the electro-thumping sound?!

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