The Mob Doctor

Patrick Ecclesine/FOX

The doctor is in...or is she?

Fox's new medical drama The Mob Doctor premiered tonight and Jordana Spiro had been touting her character as such: "If House and Goodfellas had a baby, that baby would be named Grace Devlin."

Was that type of baby up your alley?

Fans of House might still be hurting over the loss of their beloved doctor after many years, so perhaps Spiro's Grave Devlin might fill the hole in your heart. Grace has to start moonlighting as a doctor for a less-than-savory group after her brother (Jesse Lee Soffer) gets into a sticky situation with the wrong crowd. That wrong crowd being the Chicago mafia. Whoops.

The Mob Doctor, which also stars Zach GilfordWilliam ForsytheZeljko Ivanek and James Carpinello, will have medical mysteries, family squabbles, trouble between hospital employees, and of course, relationship drama. Too much for one series to take in? We'll let you be the judge of that. Take our Save or Sink It poll below, and then hit the comments and tell us what you thought of The Mob Doctor.

The Mob Doctor: Save or Sink It?
The Mob Doctor?
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