Kate Middleton, Prince William

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Prince William and Kate Middleton are obviously not happy about certain tabloids continuing to publish topless photos of the duchess.

But that doesn't mean they're going to sulk! The royal couple has continued on with their tour of Southeast Asia, and Monday night they're off-duty in the Solomon Islands. Meaning? Kate and Wills will celebrate their "second honeymoon" there, enjoying some well-deserved time out of the public eye.

Kate's late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, had a tumultuous and ultimately tragic relationship with the paparazzi. Lana Marks, the handbag designer and one of Diana's close friends, told E! News Diana "would be absolutely devastated by what William and Kate are having to deal with at the moment. But she would be extremely proud of how William is handling things and doing everything in his power to protect his wife and file this lawsuit. She would want him to take a stand against this." (St. James's Palace confirmed last week that the royal couple filed a lawsuit against the publishers of Closer Magazine France for the "grotesque" invasion of privacy.)

"William and Kate were on an extremely private vacation and this is a severe invasion of privacy," Lana added. "Diana would be utterly distraught that they are having this issue.

"The paparazzi made life extremely difficult for Diana. She was thrilled to have even a few seconds of privacy away from the prying eyes of the media," she added. "She was very open to William about this. He was totally aware of what she was having to deal with. She spoke to him about it on a daily basis.

"William knows more than anyone what his mother had to endure," Lana said. "He was intimately aware of the life she led, and he would not want his wife to be hounded in the same way."

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