Married To Jonas

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Here's what being Married to Jonas is like: You're routinely asked to grace the cover of magazines, attend Hamptons soirees and watch your hubby cohost Live With Kelly!.

Sounds pretty great, right?

Well, not quite—especially for Danielle Jonas, who doesn't love the idea of being in the spotlight. So, just what happened when the camera-shy Mrs. Kevin Jonas was asked to be the cover girl for Social Life magazine?

Dani nailed it, of course—she's stunning! But when it came time to debut the magazine cover, things took a turn as Dani questioned whether she wanted to host a party with a room full of VIPs. And things got very scary when the wifey was hospitalized after a terrifying car crash.


Father of the Year: The Jonas family is heavily involved with the American Diabetes Association due to Nick Jonas' diagnosis. As such, patriarch Kevin Jonas Sr. was honored in Los Angeles as Father of the Year, and all of the Jonas Brothers were there to support their No. 1 fan.

Crawl It Out: When you're feeling a little nervous about being a cover model, the best thing to do is crawl things out with a movement coach! That's Dani and sister Dina Deleasa's way to prep for the Social Life magazine shoot, anyway.

Overly Critical: For Dani, it's not the fans or the media that's getting to her—it's her own self-doubt. The wifey's so harsh on herself that when the magazine images debut she's unable to look at them and begins to cry. Yikes.

Host Material: Along with being a musician, writer and performer, Kevin also has a passion for hosting—he's a renaissance man! And he proves exactly what he's made of while cohosting Live With Kelly! (think stacking cups, a tricycle race and a dunking booth!).


"Basically she needs to remove the stick out of her butt when she's up there."—Dina

"I have a little bit of J.Lo in me—a little bit of Beyoncé—Dani has the robot."—Dina

"There's a lot of people at this shoot. There's even a guy just on his phone that's always doing it—I want that job!"—Kevin

"She's my number one priority, so whatever I need to do to make us the best we can be—that's now going to be my number one priority."—Kevin

"If I act too excited, then you're probably going to make me do another one."—Dani

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