KUWTK, Screen grabs

Everyone, come quick—Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick are about to have their baby!

Oh, wait, there's like, a bunch of stuff that happens before that.

Like Bruce Jenner's Olympic achievements being honored at Hayward Field, Khloé Kardashian Odom's follow up visits to fertility specialists and Kim Kardashian deciding to freeze her eggs.

With so much going on in one big season finale, it really is hard to keep up with these Kardashians! (But we'll try our best.)


Be Proactive: There's no point in wasting time, right Khloé? That's why our gal-pal gets herself checked out with ultrasounds and tests so that we can meet a Kardashian-Odom baby in the near future. Stay strong, babe!

Better Late Than Never: At least that's how Kim feels when it comes to babies. Sure, she isn't pregnant now, but if she wants to have kids down the road and needs an egg or two, well, she'll have some on ice ready to go!

Meet Kim's adorable new kitten!

Who's Cooler Than Cool?: Bruce Jenner. No, but really—he was voted Father of the Year by Esquire, honored during the Olympic trials and his gold medal glory is forever immortalized in a University of Oregon museum. So, we repeat, it's Bruce for the win.

Perfection: We got to meet the face of flawless when we saw Penelope Scotland Disick arrive. Not only did she impress her parents, but she also won over big brother, Mason Disick!

Baby Talk: While at Kourtney's baby shower, Kanye West got grilled by Khloé about whether or not the rapper wants to have children. The answer? Yes! Hey, Kanye, we know a gal with some frozen eggs if you're interested...


"You don't tell your own mother that you're going to a fertility clinic?"—Kris Jenner

"Being able to see him [Bruce] around all these people who are so excited and that witnessed what he had accomplished—it was a really special moment and I will absolutely never forget that."—Brandon Jenner

"I don't know. I feel awkward. The only guy at the shower right now."—Kanye

"You're gonna feel a lot skinnier in a couple of hours."—Scott

"My baby girl is Penelope Scotland Disick and she is absolutely perfect."—Kourtney

"Why is the baby in that crib, Mommy?"—Mason

"Her name is sister."—Mason

See pics of Kourtney and Mason

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