Kate Middleton, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William


Considering how much attention Kate Middleton manages to garner by sheer virtue of simply wearing clothes, it's little wonder the fashionista's topless photo scandal violation has became the headline-grabber it has.

But despite having made good on their threat this morning to file suit against Closer, the French tabloid that ran the illicit sunbathing vacation photos, Kate and Prince William also vowed not to let the breach of privacy rain on their parade. (Their parade being, of course, their current schedule-packed Diamond Jubilee tour of the South Pacific.)

True to their word, the royal couple have continued their public duties even in the face of the scandal blowing up, putting on happy faces and pretty clothes (this is Kate we're talking about here), as they've made their way around Singapore and Malaysia.

Talk about grace under pressure. And so long as the duo is keeping calm and carrying on, we're going to applaud them for it. So check out the highlights of their trip so far!

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