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Is Emma Watson set to become the box office's next bad girl? Short answer: Yes! Will Mariah Carey return to her diva roots in her next starring role? And what's the deal with Lily Collins' young adult-adapted fantasy flick, Mortal Instruments?

We have all the answers in our latest batch of Big-Screen Spoilers!

Emma Watson's Anti-Drug? Not in The Bling Ring!

Hermoine Granger is no more. After causing trouble in Perks of Being a Wallflower, Emma Watson is continuing her bad-girl streak with her next movie: Bling Ring, a Sofia Coppola-directed story of teens who burglarize celeb homes.

"That would probably be fair," Emma told us when asked if she raises more hell in Bling than Perks. "I do cause a reasonable amount of trouble in [Perks]. I do Rocky Horror, I ride around on the back of trucks, I don't take any drugs in this one, so that's good. But she's a free spirit, for sure!"

Drugs, you say?! Does that mean Emma might be dabbling in some illegal substances in her next flick? "Uh," Emma stammered, laughing, at the Wallflower premiere. "Yes, there's maybe one or two drugs in Bling Ring."

Mariah Carey: First Stop Idol, Next Up the White House?

If we didn't know any better, we would have thought new American Idol judge Mariah Carey had no idea what she'd be doing in The Butler, director Lee Daniels' star-studded film about a White House butler who served eight presidents over three decades.

"She's just out of her mind, just out of her mind," Daniels tells us with a laugh about the songbird and sometime actress. "I can't tell you what she plays, but she's on a plantation. She steps off the plantation and she puts these Louboutin stilettos on! I said, 'We're in the mud, Mariah! Take them off, take them off!' And so the party began."

Daniels first directed Carey to critical acclaim when she played a very underdressed and makeupless social worker in Precious. For Butler, Daniels admitted he gave her a little more glam to work with.

He laughed, "Just her weave, just her weave."

Lily Collins Gets Down and Dirty in Young Adult Fantasy!

Her once-again red hair isn't the only new color in Lily Collins' life. She's also black and blue from filming Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

"I covered up all my bruises very artfully," she said at the Toronto Film Festival premiere of her new drama Writers. "We've been doing weeks and weeks of training and stunt training. We started doing all of our fight sequences last week and doing flips and sword fighting, knife fighting. We're only on week three and we're already like way into it."

At least she has her real-life boyfriend and costar Jamie Campbell Bower around to help nurse those wounds.

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