Soon after The Bachelorette ended, the strength of Emily Maynard's romance with Jef Holm was put to the test.

Between rumors of being unfaithful and heading to splitsville, fans may have thought that this couple was already suffering The Bachelor curse. But Maynard sets the record straight with E! News.

And let's just put it this way—not only are they not breaking up, they can't stand to be apart!

"It's so crazy how easy it is for me to be around him and um, you're with somebody a lot and you're together a lot and they start to get on your nerves a little bit," Emily told us during Fashion's Night Out.

"He does not get on my nerves! We can be together all the time and only leave each other to go to the bathroom, and I will miss him while I'm in the bathroom."

Don't roll your eyes, that's sweet!

As far as a wedding goes, that is still in the plans. In fact, Emily told us what Jef's bachelor party will consist of—or at least, what it would consist of if it were up to her.

"An all men's island where they do a lot of reading."

Sounds like a blast.

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