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Sad Ron Swanson alert!

No, we're not lying. Parks and Recreation fans are going to see a bit of emotion from the fan favorite when the NBC hit returns as Ron Swanson is missing a certain someone who left to go to D.C. While Ron explores his somber side, Dan Humphrey will be going fully to the dark side in Gossip Girl's sixth and final season. But just how dark will lonely boy go? Penn Badgley tells us.

Plus, we've got scoop on Glee, Teen Wolf, Hart of Dixie and more in today's Spoiler Chat...

Giles: Parks and Rec scoop, thanks in advanced!
You don't think Ron Swanson is the kind of guy who'd miss anyone, but in the season premiere, we'll see ol' Ronnie pining for his old assistant April. "He's just missing her sorely right now, because she ended up going to Washington, D.C. with Ben Wyatt to assist him," Nick Offerman tells us. "So the only thing we see of that relationship is a few times we see Ron looking balefully out at April's desk while somebody walks into his office unhindered."

Katie in Miami: Parks and Rec spoilers, and I won't be mad if it's about Ben and Leslie, the cutest couple in cuteville!
We're gonna go ahead and absolutely agree with you on that. As for their status this season, we can reveal that PRex shot an episode recently where champagne was being toasted to celebrate some good news befalling someone(s) in the gang. Engagement? Babies? Promotion? We're just speculating here, but we hope to Swanson it means Ben and Leslie are going to be planning a grand Indiana wedding this season.

Fiona: I can't believe Mike and Tina broke up! They were my favorite…tell me they could get back together! #glee
"Tina and Mike are definitely on the outs, which is sad because they were the longest-standing couple on Glee," Jenna Ushkowitz tells us. "But we'll see what happens. There's still a tons of episodes left." And based on this little bite from her onscreen ex Harry Shum Jr., we'd say that this isn't the end for Tina and Mike. "I think this season is going be about new beginnings and also how you're going to deal with old friendships and old relationships," he says. Keep the faith, shipper!

GOSSIP GIRL, Ed Westwick, Penn Badgley, Michelle Trachtenberg


Isabella: What's coming up for Dan this year on Gossip Girl?
Dan is going to the dark side! "He's actually going down a dark path finally, but in a real way," Penn Badgley told E!'s Marc Malkin at the Toronto International Film Festival. "I mean, I think he's dabbled in the dark before, but you're like, 'Dude, that's not that dark. You don't know what dark is.' It seems like he might be going there a little bit, but it's good." So just how dark is Dan going in this final season? While he couldn't reveal too much, Penn teases, "I think he might be betraying people in a profound way that he's never had the balls to or the lack of heart to." Yikes!

Sadie: Any GG scoop about Blair that doesn't have to do with her love life? 
Blair is currently on her way to being that powerful woman she's always wanted to be! "She is now focusing on her career," Leighton Meester tells us. "She's taking care of her mom's business, so that's kind of cool!" More like way cool!

Brittany: What's coming up for my favorite Hart of Dixie couple Lavon and Lemon?
Fans can expect to see the two spending quite a bit of time together as they will be working on Lavon's re-election campaign. Jaime King hints to us that Lemon will rediscover her feelings for Bluebell's mayor, so "Levon" shippers should definitely tune into the CW charmer's Halloween episode. That is all we're going to say.

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Michael: I need Teen Wolf season three scoop. Like yesterday.
Since we're missing it just as badly as you are, we rounded up three things you can expect in season three:
1. The Lydia as a possible cure storyline might return. "We didn't delve into it too deeply, but it may come back as a plot thread next season," Jeff Davis teases.
2. More CGI...probably! Jeff says, "I'm excited to see how our Alphas turn out because I have some big ideas for them." As for what they look like, he explains. "It'll be a combination. Full CGI creatures are very difficult to do on a budget our size and with the time as well. So I'm very wary of doing anymore full CGI creatures."
3. "It'll be a challenge next season to see how long they can keep the secret from [Sheriff] Stilinski," Jeff says when we brought up that almost everyone on the show has been brought in on the werewolf secret.

Leo: I cannot wait for the Psych musical episode. Please tell me you have some scoop on it!
is on a mad hunt for a Broadway actor to play "Z," who went from successful playwright to mental institution guest after murdering a theater critic. Obviously he'll have a musical number, since they need someone who can sing with the best of 'em. Maybe he'll be singing 'N Sync's "Drive Myself Crazy?" Remember that video? Good times.

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—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker and Marc Malkin

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