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Forget romantic relationships! The dynamic we're most curious about in Gossip Girl's sixth and final season? Blair and Serena's friendship, obviously!

Yes, the BFFs (or is frenemies the better term at this point in their friendship?) have been through their fair share of ups and downs over the years and it seems like season six will be no different from what our sources tell us. 

In addition to some juicy GG deets, we've got scoop on Glee's fan favorite couple Kurt and Blaine, Scandal's big season two mystery, a new love interest on The Good Wife and more in today's Spoiler Chat...

caa1317: @KristinDSantos Know anything about the ring that Blair is wearing around her neck? Looks like a wedding band #GossipGirl  
So very Carrie Bradshaw, right? The bad news is we can't spill the beans on that right now. But the good news is that you definitely will find out what that's all about in the first episode back! So it's not too long a wait.

anniebear_xo: Any scoop on the status of Blair/Serena's friendship in Gossip Girl?
We hear that in the final season, producers really want to bring Blair and Serena's friendship back to being "front and center, just like in season one." So expect lots of drama on that front.

Ricky: Cougar Town! Now that I know when it's returning, I need all the scoop I can get.
We talked to Ian Gomez about a certain character who will be around a lot more in the new season. "The guy who plays the creepy neighbor Tom, he's a regular this years so there will be more of Tom," he tells us. "He's pretty weird. He starts these fan fiction stories. You know the ones that are usually erotic or fantasy with fictional characters from TV or movies. Well, Tom is actually doing one with Courteney's character. He does it online on some weird sites, probably something to do with sex and S&M." That sounds...totally weird. Looks like not much has changed over at Cougar Town, and thank the TV gods for that.

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Kerri: Loving Puck's brother on Glee. He's so hot! Does he hookup with anyone on the show?
Jacob Artist will be romancing all of America once they watch him perform in the season premiere. He'll hit you with that sweet yet dangerous face and boom! You'll be pregnant. But in all seriousness, on the show Jake Puckerman will only have eyes for one person. "I think Ryan [Murphy] has been hinting at a little bit of a romance with Marley," Artist tells us. "So we'll kind of see where that goes." Unfortunately, someone else in New Directions has their eyes on Marley. We smell a love triangle!

Vanessa in Boston: You said Brittany and Santana have cute moments in the season premiere, but what about Kurt and Blaine?
Blaine will show just how supportive he is of his boyfriend Kurt, and trust us, it'll make your heart melt into a puddle. Which might kill you, but at least you'll die with a smile on your face. Unfortunately, after the premiere, Blaine (and Klaine fans) might regret how supportive he was of Kurt's move to New York.   

Madison: I'll take anything on the Scandal premiere! Who is Quinn Perkins?!
Hey, we're pretty sure if we spoiled that, Shonda Rhimes would sic Olivia Pope on our butts and it wouldn't be pretty. We can tell you that you find out in the beginning of the premiere who Quinn is and what she did...or should we say allegedly did. We can also tell you that not everyone on the team is exactly on Team Quinn, and Stephen's departure only magnifies the team's uncertainty to follow Olivia's every command.  


Elisha: I'll take some scoop on The Good Wife, please!
Grace is getting a love interest! The CBS hit is currently looking to cast the recurring role of Connor, a handsome and dangerously charismatic scholarship student at Grace's school who is equal parts loner and bad boy. Oh yeah, he's got first love written all over him. Alicia, prepare to have your hands full with this one.

Stacy: Nick and Jess scoop! #NewGirl
The writers claim that they'll stretch out the will they/won't they aspect of Nick and Jess' relationship, but that's not what it looks like in the season-two premiere of New Girl! The episode, titled "Re-Launch," is full of little moments between Jess and Nick that crackle with chemistry. But our favorite moment of the episode involves two words: drunk, dancing Winston. That's three words, but whatever.

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