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We never got the memo, but Michael Weatherly just might be the funniest, most unpredictable, straight-up bah-na-nas TV star in Hollywood!

While promoting season "X" (10) of NCIS (premiering Sept. 25), Weatherly went off on a highly amusing tangent about how concerned he is for "little bunny rabbit" Britney Spears' well-being as she steps into her new judge's spot on X Factor, starting tonight on Fox.

"Oh my God, I'm so excited for X Factor because of Britney!" the 44-year-old star told me. "That is going to be bananas! I mean, Simon Cowell is going to eviscerate her!"

Clearly a passionate fan (don't even get him started on Rachel and Nicole last season), Weatherly predicts it will be amazing TV when Simon takes on Brit-Brit during the live shows.

"This is going to look like a lamb to the slaughter!" he insists. "Howard Stern with Britney would not be nearly as brutal. 'Cause you've watched what Cowell has done to Paula Abdul...This is one step closer to televising a live execution. That's really where we are."

But wait. Exactly why is Weatherly so concerned? "Britney is someone who actually thinks 'with bells on' means you actually wear bells. I think she'll be there with actual bells on for the premiere."


Now, before you Britney die-hards get all up in arms, please know Weatherly is just having some good-natured fun. "I'm teasing Britney. I absolutely love the Britney. I just feel like she's very vulnerable. She's a little bunny rabbit. I want to protect her the way Vince Vaughn feels in Swingers about the little bunnies, you know? And Jon Favreau is just that wolf and you got to protect the bunny. Because we want Britney to keep making the music. She makes great music and she dances with the snake and she kisses Madonna and she does crazy, excellent, wonderful things. I just don't want to see her gutted, you know what I mean? Like a fish."

Right, well, what's really important to you NCIS fans is that some of you were gutted emotionally by the ninth season finale, correct? So here's what can Weatherly say about what's ahead for season "X"...

"We blew everything up at the end of season nine," Weatherly reminds us, "so we're going to come back at the beginning of season 10 and we are going to place in your palm, we're going to place so many goodies. So many little treats, little sugary, slightly alcoholic treats. And they're going to feel good and taste good and you're going to be happy.


"Ducky had the heart attack...or did he? What happens? Will everything ever return to normal or is everything changed forever more? I'm stuck in an elevator with the beautiful Cote de Pablo. Tony and Ziva stuck in an elevator. TiVo that. And then you got Mark Harmon astonishingly handsome and strong and McGee injured and you got Pauley Perrette, Abbey Sciuto… Everyone is affected. It's a massive season premiere. I would be hugely surprised if there was one person on the planet Earth that didn't like it. I'd be hugely shocked."

Oh, and for the record, Mariah Carey? You'll be happy to know Michael Weatherly is not concerned about you on American Idol.

"I think she has more control. I think that she's more in control. I saw Glitter in the theater. I'm not concerned about that."



Watch right now: Check out the video above for Michael Weatherly's crazy comedy well as a ridiculous moment where he says he's on Ecstasy and pets me!

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