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Finchel and parents and warlocks, oh my!

Yep, it's just another crazy spoiler-y day over here at Watch With Kristin, where we're bringing you the latest scoop on Glee, Community and Once Upon a Time in today's Spoiler Chat.

If that wasn't enough, we've also got some spoilers on DexterNew Girl, Cougar Town and more!

snackiessays: These Finchel spoilers so far are depressing. Any hope you guys can share?
We wouldn't put this spoiler in the depressing camp, but it's not exactly good news for Finchel either. Dean Geyer, who plays Brody, the hot new NYADA student that Rachel strikes up a friendship with in the season premiere, insist to us that although he's charming Rachel on Glee this season, he's actually a fan of Finn and Rachel. "I think they fit really well," he says. "But as the episodes go on I feel like Brody is…I feel like he is really right for her. At the same time, I'm torn between being a fan of Finn and Rachel and now Brody and Rachel." We've seen the premiere and we have to admit, we think Brody and Rachel are cute together, too. Don't hurt us, Finchel fans! But you can check back later today for more scoop from Dean Geyer and the rest of the Glee cast!

Kelli: I need Once Upon a Time scoop!
Forget magic, a warlock is coming! (OK, so a warlock performs magic, but you know what we mean!) Quinn is a handsome young man who is shunned by his parents when they find out about his magical abilities, which leads him to a new family of people with gifts similar to his. While he seems nice enough, Quinn is someone you don't want to cross. The show is also looking to cast Anita, a sexy and earthy sorceress who is devoted to taking in lost souls. However, don't let her maternal instincts fool you, because she can be ferocious when it comes to the people she cares about. 

Jill in Indianapolis: Is there hope for Nick and Jess on New Girl?
Not in the beginning of the season, because Jess will be doing a lot of running around town with different men. We wouldn't call her skanky…maybe just "adventurous." Plus, one of the men of the loft is having relationship trouble. And since we all know Winston is the only one in a relationship, you can deduce he and his girlfriend are the ones going through a rough patch.

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Christopher: You guys have been severely lacking in the Community department. Spoiler up!
It's time to meet the parents. No, we're not talking about Jeff's much-hyped father, who will finally be making his debut this season. Fans will meet Shirley's mother and father in episode five. The best word to describe her father? Curmudgeonly, while her mother has a bit of an edge once you get to know her. 

Luke B.: I think I ask for Justified spoilers every day hoping to get some…
We collect all of your Justified emails and print them out, and now our office has fancy wallpaper. Kidding, that would be weird. But seriously, we have Justified scoop for you about the season-four premiere. Prepare to meet Colt, an old friend of Boyd's who has a war-ridden past as a sergeant with the military police. And by friend of Boyd's, we mean someone who has arrested Boyd several times! But that's all water under the bridge, because Boyd will soon use his ties with Colt to his advantage. Drama, thy name is Justified.

Jake: Any scoop on Dexter that isn't related to Deb finding out Dex's secret?
Well, in addition to that threat, Dexter is also going to have to deal with LaGuerta, who suspects the return of the Bay Harbor Butcher when she makes a shocking discovery at the scene of a crime: a blood-slide! "That's going to be a genuine growing threat because she will come to believe that the Bay Harbor Butcher could indeed still be out there and she sets out to prove the innocence of her dear friend Sargent Doakes," showrunner Sara Colleton teases. "And she will be relentless, so in addition to Deb, there are a lot of threats to his security coming at him this year." Translation: buckle up, kids!


Lanney: Need my Cougar Town fix!
We've got some scoop to keep you hooked on that Cougar Town goodness. In episode four of the new season, we'll meet a former classmate of Travis' who has gone through some big changes since seeing Travis last. What kind of changes has she gone through? Well, we don't want to spoil that for you but…OK, we will. The former friend had gender reassignment surgery and is now a man. Oh, Cougar Town…we have missed you.

Stella: Any scoop on Up All Night? I think it's so underrated and I'm obsessed with Christina Applegate!
You'd be hard pressed to find someone who wasn't obsessed with Christina Applegate. We were recently on the set of Up All Night, and Christina talked to us about the show having a different feel in season two. "We're unemployed. It doesn't change the dynamic so much because I think that the Ava show was kind of a different show and I think the stuff that really worked was when we were in our relationships," Applegate tells us. "You guys get to see the people as the people and not have this workplace taking us away from that. That is really what is happening."

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