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Matthew Perry's back...and he's bringing some friends along.

No, not those Friends. We're talking about the friends his character, sportscaster Ryan King, makes in his therapy group in NBC's new comedy, Go On. Yeah, having a man attend therapy to cope with the loss of his wife seem like an odd premise for a comedy, but Go On, with its Community-esque ragtag group, worked for us.

But who cares what we think? We want to hear from youwould you like to see Go On, well, go on? Let's found out!

Go On's central therapy group, led by Lauren (Laura Benanti) is inhabited by some pretty funny characters, whose less-than-funny backstories were told in a pretty genius way: through a tournament, dubbed "March Sadness" in the pilot, where the saddest sob story wins. The group includes Anne (Julie White), a lesbian lawyer struggling to cope with the death of her partner, Owen (Everybody Loves Chris star Tyler James Williams), a mostly-silent teen whose brother is stuck in a coma, and the very, very strange Mr. K (Brett Gelman), among others.

As for what's ahead, Perry tells us fans shouldn't expect to see Ryan romance any ladies in the near future. "That's the beauty of a show like this. That has to be delayed somewhat because my character is still missing his wife," he explains. "You're forced to delay that and you want to delay those things anyway. Because at the heart of every good show are loveable losers. So you don't want to couple those people up right away because happy people are not the most fun people to watch on a TV show."

So vote in the first Save It or Sink It poll of the fall TV season and then head on down to the comments to tell us why you'll be joining Go On's therapy group...or why you'll be canceling your appointment.

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Go On: Save It or Sink It?
Go On
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