Let the Oscar baiting begin!

A teaser for the world premiere of the official trailer for Steven Spielberg's historical epic Lincoln is in the wild.

And while it may be briefer than the 16th president's Gettysburg Address, it does a good job of whetting moviegoers' appetites for what is certainly going to be one of this season's most heavily hyped prestige pictures in the run-up to next year's Academy Awards.

The sneak peek begins with a shot of what looks to be the back of Abraham Lincoln's head as he strolls down a corridor (the White House perhaps?), the future of a divided country no doubt weighing on his mind. It then cuts to snippets of fighting between the Union and Confederates during the Civil War.

Over these images, we hear star Daniel Day-Lewis offering up his best Honest Abe impression (with a crisp cadence more realistic than the baritone style we're used to hearing with past big-screen Lincolns) as he recites the Gettysburg Address, natch.

Vampire Killer he is not.

The clip ends with a profile shot of the commander in chief before segueing over the sound of a ticking clock into a title card announcing that the world premiere of the trailer will take place on Sept. 13, followed by a "Live Google Hangout" with the director and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who plays Lincoln's son, Robert Todd Lincoln, in the film.

Lincoln is set to unspool in limited release on Nov. 9 before rolling out nationwide on Nov. 16.

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