Teri Hatcher Pregnant

Morning sickness or not, Lois Lane romances James Bond

By Elizabeth Johns May 02, 1997 7:30 PMTags
Superman's pregnant wife is having an affair with James Bond!

Well, anyway, Teri Hatcher--who plays Superman's wife in ABC's Lois & Clark, as well as James Bond's love interest in the upcoming Tomorrow Never Dies-- is three months pregnant. Hatcher and real hubby, actor Jon Tenney, are said to be thrilled, but the blessed event couldn't have come at a busier time.

Morning sickness be damned, the actress is currently shooting the Bond movie in England. Her publicist, Brad Cafarelli says her pregnancy has not affected the production schedule. "The producers have been aware from the very beginning" that she's on a nine-month schedule of her own, he said. Steamy love scenes between co-star Pierce Brosnan and Hatcher have reportedly almost all been shot. "But it's not a race against the clock," Cafarelli says. "She's not showing yet."

Over at the ABC camp, it's less certain how Lois Lane's pregnancy will affect the show. Hatcher filmed her last episode April 21, then sped to London to start Tomorrow. Although the series has been renewed for another season, ratings lately have been scraping the bottom. Could a Lois Lane superpregnancy jump-start ratings? An ABC publicist says producers haven't discussed Hatcher's pregnancy yet.