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In case you missed all the promos, clips, photos and whatnot, Glee returns with season four this week, so we've got some awesome scoop to get you good and prepared. You are welcome.

Plus, new footage of Once Upon a Time is finally here! And an NCIS star drops some awesome info on the "massive" season premiere. All that, plus Teen Wolf, 90210 and more in today's Spoiler Chat:

Ramona: Thanks for writing on the Glee season premiere! Do Brittany and Santana share any cute moments? Hug? Kiss? Anything?
Considering they are in separate states during the season-four premiere of Glee, no physical contact for Brittana unfortunately. However, Brittany does share some very intimate details about their Skype sessions that prove the spark between those two has not been lost at all. 

@TenacityandCalm Does Rachel really only sing once in the first episode?
Yes, and that song is technically a duet. That fact might bum you out, but you should know that Rachel has plenty to do in the season premiere to make up for the lack of singing. She's certainly the center of most of the episode, and the new kids who get to show off their pipes will totally steal your hearts. Which reminds us: check out Kate Hudson shaking her thing! 

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David: Do you have anything on the NCIS premiere? I hear it's going to be epic.
And how! Michael Weatherly let us in on all the season premiere secrets. "It's going to be an awesome thing. I'm stuck in an elevator with the beautiful Cote de Pablo. Tony and Ziva stuck in an elevator. TiVo that," he insists. "It's a massive season premiere. I would be hugely surprised if there was one person on the planet earth that didn't like it. I'd be hugely shocked." You heard him, folks. If you don't like the episode, you'll be the only person on earth who thinks that way.  

Aileen in New York: Once Upon a Time spoilers, please! I've been waiting too long.
Did you see the promo that was (finally!) released? It's freakin' magical. Pun intended. And here's a scoopy bit for your patience: keep an eye on Ruth in the first four episodes. Something is going to happen to her, but we can't say if it's a good thing or a bad thing. 

Rebecca: The Breaking Bad finale was insane! Could not have been more gut wrenching. Do you know anything about the final season yet?
Just that Gus could be coming back! Giancarlo Esposito tells us "there has been talk" and "there has been certainly ideas floating around" about his big bad character returning in some capacity for the very end. And Giancarlo is so on board with that, saying, "I want to come back in Walt's [Bryan Cranston] dream and haunt him." Yes, please! In the meantime, you can see Giancarlo tonight on JJ Abrams' new show Revolution which Sept. 17 on NBC.

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Sarah: What's next for Stiles on Teen Wolf?! While I like the more serious stuff with his dad, I kind of miss the funny side of him!
Fret not, Stiles fan, you'll be seeing all the sides of Stiles in season three. "They can expect him to get back to being funny, which is another reason we wanted that space of four months," executive producer Jeff Davis says of what the show's four-month time jump will mean for Scott's partner-in-crime. "We could kind of hit the reset button on the characters and put them back into a place where they begin to feel human again after all these inhuman events. We'll definitely get back to him being funny, but he's going to have more drama ahead and probably some more complications with Scott now that Scott has changed so much, too." Bromance drama is our favorite kind of drama, so bring it on!

Frank: Any 90210 scoop?
Two new hotties are coming to America's hottest zip code! This season fans will meet Reece, a hot lingerie model who may or may not be harboring some old high school grudges, and Claire, a prim and proper gal (she has future First Lady written all over her), who likes to climb the ladder that is social, if you know what we mean. 

Beth: Dying for some Parenthood scoop over here! Spill!
Teen angst, thy name is Drew. Drew is in for a bit of an awkward moment when he meets a totally friendly guy...who turns out to be his ex Amy's new boyfriend, Jake, who of course, is tall, good looking and athletic. Don't you hate it when that happens? (How Seth Cohen of Drew, right?!)

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