Finally. Everyone can stop wondering whose side Dina Manzo is on in the epic Olive Garden-driven feud between Teresa Giudice and Caroline Manzo

After tonight's episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, it's pretty clear Dina's siding with her Fabulicious friend and not her family member: "You didn't do anything to my sister to really hurt her so to me it's kind of silly."

Maybe that's the Fabellini talking—Teresa did invite Dina to the launch party for her sparkling wine—but either way it doesn't look like the sisters are going to be breaking bread together any time soon. And certainly not over a peach mimosa. 

Dina's appearance on tonight's show was pretty brief. But, along with ruling out the possibility of a reconciliation with Caroline, she also managed to share this pearl of wisdom with Tre during her heavily-hyped cameo: "Holding on to anger makes you ugly. Let it go and stay pretty." 


The show needs an entire Pinterest quote board dedicated to the wisdom these women are dispensing weekly. Like when Teresa dropped by Kathy Wakile's house (where Kathy just happened to throw together a salad, quiche and perfectly piped cupcakes) and told her: "I want positive people in my life, good food, good sex, good friends, good family. That's what life's all about."

It all seems so simple. Too bad Jacqueline Laurita doesn't fit anywhere in Teresa's philosophical musings—or at her boozy bash. After the heart to heart they had in Napa, it seemed like at least this relationship was going to be salvaged but apparently Teresa left her good will, along with her shoes, back on the West Coast.

Joe Giudice managed to look like a shmuck. Again. While his brother-in-law, Joe Gorga, cooked pancakes for Antonia on her first day of school, Joe's sprawled across his bed. And just when we thought there was peace between the Wakiles and the Giudices, he makes a mean crack about Kathy's eyes. Then there are the jokes about bringing a mistress home. 

Tip to New Jersey law enforcement: When Juicy Joe's found at the bottom of the Hudson River with two broken legs, Teresa's already confessed on camera. You're welcome. 

Also tonight, there was the Wakile road trip so Victoria could tour the University of Maryland. Did anyone else get choked up as Kathy blubbered and Richie blustered at the notion of their daughter going away to college? Congrats folks, you came across as tonight's most functional family (the Manzos lost that honor when Albie and Christopher teased Lauren about her weight).  Although, having your entire family and a Bravo camera crew follow you around campus seems like the worst idea ever. Especially when Victoria moaned about the standard issue dorm rooms.   

So, were you shocked when Dina laughed off Caroline's concerns about the cookbook jokes? Did you think it was appropriate for her to appear on the show just to support Teresa's Fabellini party? And didn't it seem strange that Kathy, Melissa (who volunteered to babysit Melania and Gabriella) and Jacqueline weren't at the event when it was meant to be a gathering of Teresa's closest family and friends?

Sound off on all things Jersey in the comments!

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