Kristen Stewart

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Given her appearance at the Toronto International Film Festival, do you think Kristen Stewart will recover professionally from her scandal, or will we have to wait to see how Breaking Dawn Part 2 will do at the box office?
—Mari, via Twitter

What about her appearance in Toronto makes you think she won't "recover"? I'm neither a fan nor a hater when it comes to Stewart—I've liked her in some things, others not so much—but when it came to the red carpet this week, you've gotta admit that the girl was a pro, shining, literally, in an embellished Zuhair Murad dress and patiently lingering on the red carpet far longer than many stars in similar situations.

The girl is also 22--far too young for most stars to be considered permanently washed up, no matter what her prior circumstances. We've seen too many comebacks by actors young and old to assume otherwise.

That's not the only question invading my Facebook and Twitter pages. Let's get to more of ‘em!

What's up with Hope Solo?
—Juan A., via Facebook

She was supposed to do an appearance in Vegas this week, but called in sick. Maybe she'll write a tell-all book about it and blame Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

I read there's a new fish that has a penis on its head. My husband thinks I am making this up. Please school him.
—M. Baker, via Facebook

The Penis Head fish was recently discovered in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. It's not the prettiest fish in the world, but, yep, that's a penis on its head.

Are you as disgusted as me with the Oprah/Rhianna interview? It's like she's still a punching bag for Chris Brown.
—M. Martin, via Facebook

If that's your take—and it's a reasonable one—you really don't want to see our coverage of this week's VMAs.

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