Kal Penn, Terry Crews, Snooki Nicole Polizzi

Getty Images, Old Spice, StarTraksPhoto.com

It's not that we don't care about politics. We really do. It's just that YouTubing all those convention speeches was cutting into our Terry Crews "Muscle Music" regimen. Now that Mitt and Barack have been officially anointed by their respective parties, we reckon we'll have time to get "Bohemian Rhapsody" worked out by Halloween (which is only eight weeks away, btw).

Mind you, we thoroughly enjoyed watching Kal Penn do more than just another passel of pot jokes. And while he may not be on a Michael Strahan-styled path to the talk-show big time, we wouldn't mind seeing more of his post-Kumar material someplace other than a stadium filled with partisan rowdies.

As the hands of the election clock turn, so too does the wheel of MTV fate: the sixth season of Jersey Shore is gonna be the last. It's not exactly sad, but it does have us surprisingly nostalgic for the sound of horrible rapping and the smell of tanning crème.

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