TCA Press Tour, Darren Criss

Sara De Boer/

The relationship status of Kurt and Blaine on Glee is one of TV's never-ending questions.

With the premiere of season four right around the corner, fans want to know if they'll break up. And if they do, will it be for good?

"I don't know," Darren Criss told me today at the premiere of his new comedy, Imogene, at the Toronto International Film Festival. "We still have episodes to shoot."

Such a tease!

One thing's for sure, Criss agrees with Chris Colfer that it's time for the lovebirds to hit a major rough patch.

"We're like an old married couple now," Criss said. "Let's shake it up!"

He did shake his thang at the premiere. As he walked the carpet, deafening screams from fans prompted him to do a little dance for them.

Again, such a tease.

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