TCA Press Tour, Stephen Amell

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Since watching the pilot to Arrow, we've talked a lot about Stephen Amell's talent, especially when it involves his midsection. We're pretty sure we manage to drop reference to it in everyday conversations, too. "Hey, did you like Obama's speech last week?" "Yep, and by the way, Stephen Amell has some pretty sick abs."

OK, it's not exactly like that, but you get the point. And it's also not fair to reduce someone like Stephen Amell to just a torso. Here are four other reasons why we know the Arrow stud will be one of, if not your biggest, TV crush of the fall.

1. That Body: He's more than just a nice body, but homeboy still looks amazing without a shirt. We have to mention it. Just watch this GIF over and over and you'll see what we're getting at.  

2. He Oozes Genuine Charm: It's easy to be charming and look good in a suit, but when you hit us with a smile that actually feels genuine, we are officially yours. Stephen Amell still has a "new-to-TV" air about him, even though he's no amateur. Despite the fact that he's the star of one of the most buzzed-about shows of the season, you get a sense that he still feels like he has to earn his audience, which we totally love.

3. He Has Star (and Staying) Power: Arrow is a cross between Revenge and Dark Knight, so CW's take on Oliver Queen is not an easy role to tackle successfully. But Amell pulls off the playboy persona and the tortured crime fighter duality perfectly. We can absolutely see that face becoming the new face of the CW. Sorry, Ian Somerhalder. Give another hot guy a chance this year.

4. He's Funny: Just watch our interview with him above and get to know his sense of humor. He's even funny on Twitter! That face, that body and he's witty? Marry us. We have so many TV husbands we're starting to lose track, but we'll reserve a spot for you, Stephen.

5. His Show Is Actually Good: Full disclosure, we'd watch a terrible show starring Amell just because he's that fun to watch. Hell, he could stand around separating M&M's by color for an hour and we'd watch every week. But Arrow, one of our top five new fall shows, is a serious contender for the biggest breakout of the new TV season. It has everything you want in a superhero show: drama, intrigue, action and romance. Amell, you have saved us from Fall TV freshman blues. And for that we say, thank you. Now take your shirt off.

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