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JJ Abrams is a stupid head.

You heard me right. A mean, poopie, stinker butt of a stupid head. With stupid friends who make stupid decisions.

And I feel totally justified in calling the most respected TV producer in Hollywood just that, because in not one but two interviews, I clearly warned JJ that I would strike down upon him with great mean-namey-ness if he killed off my beloved Locke or Eko.

And well—I hope you aren't reading this if you haven't yet seen last night's episode—but JJ did just that, sending Smokey (the island's resident big dark cloudy "monster") to bear hug and bitch-slap the life out of my beautiful—and now, lifeless—Eko.

All tongue-in-cheek name calling aside, I honestly think it's a huge mistake that the producers of Lost have killed off Adewale Akinnouye-Agbaje (known here in WWK Central as SexAAA). Not only is he one of the strongest actors on that show (if not the strongest),  but his character was compelling and mesmerizing—in my humble opinion, the best character on the show!

So, why'd they do it? Well, obviously Lost has established a bloodthirsty revolving door of cast members over the years, with all the departures and additions. And with the introduction of Nikki and Paulo, it was inevitable that someone would go. But I also can't help but wonder if the issue of Eko stepping on Locke's turf last season had anything to do with his demise. Is there room for only one mystical man of faith on the island? I certainly don't think so! But maybe others did. Humph. And that makes me sad.

Regardless, I supposed Lost life goes on after Eko, and there were some interesting revelations last night, so let's lay 'em down and get a wee bit spoilery:

  • Ben's pants are on fire! And I'm guessing Juliet's are, too. That seemingly untrustworthy she devil obviously seems to be a part of a bigger plan by Ben to get Jack to trust someone, but Jules at least was telling the truth when she said this: Ben is a liar and a dangerous man. We've known this from the first day we laid eyes on the artist formerly known as Henry Gale, when his captor, Rousseau, warned, "Know this. He will lie. A long time. He will lie." Nutty Frenchy-poo wasn't so nutty after all, was she?
  • Speaking of Nutty Frenchy-poo, we will begin to see more of her daughter, Alex, next week, who will have a substantial role this season, and slowly, the revelation of why the Others have abducted so many children. Gaaa! And speaking of...
  • Crazy theory of the week: If Juliet and some of the other Others really do want to kill Ben, why haven't they just done it? Well, what if that little girl we were supposed to see in Jack's room in the season premiere (the one ABC had a photo of on the media site) is Juliet's daughter? Is Ben somehow holding her, and other children, hostage (à la Walt) as a way to keep the parents under his creepy little thumb? Discuss in the comments below!
  • Patchy McPatchalot (aka the Sleestak) seen in the hatch video is not someone we have met or heard of before. But we may have already seen a part of him! Don't forget that last season, the Tailies found a glass eye. Coinky-dink? I think not! It's also safe to assume that Patch is at the Flame station, given that the others are taken or destroyed, and the Arrow and the Staff didn't have computer equipment (at least that we've seen).

Coming up: Kate and Sawyer do it! Sorry, but if you Jaters had any doubt about whom Kate will "choose," I think the promo for next week of Sawyer and Kate ripping each other's clothing off should give it all away. Come to mama. I'll hold you.

Also, Jack operates, but I wouldn't worry about Ben going anywhere (Michael Emerson is a series regular), and Locke picks up Eko's cross—and spiritual journey—while a certain TV Diva vows to wear black for the rest of the season to mourn her beloved SexAAA.

Speaking of Lost-umes, tell me you've seen the "Nobody's Watching Lost" video starring Maggie Grace. It's genius.

And one final, totally unrelated note. I'm going to the set of How I Met Your Mother tomorrow and will be asking the cast your questions, so please submit Q's by clicking the Ask Kristin button at left.

Also, make sure you check the message boards a little later for the Lost recap by Dr. Anna Graham. And you can go there right now to vote on whether you think killing off Eko was a mistake.

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