Magic is back...and so is Once Upon a Time!

The ABC breakout hit returns for its highly anticipated second season tonight, and there's a lot to look forward to in Storybrooke. We have all the scoop for you.

But first, let's look back at where our favorite characters ended up in the season-one finale and then we'll get to all the goodness fans can expect from Emma (Jennifer Morrison) & Co. in season two, including new fairy-tale characters, a family reunion and more of a certain fan-favorite Disney princess!


Magic Attack: After Emma finally, finally woke up and smelled the coffee (aka started believing in the curse), she broke Regina's (Lana Parrilla) spell over Storybrooke by engaging in true love's kiss: giving her son, Henry (Jared Gilmore), a peck when she thought he was dying. (Oh yes, we cried. A lot). Too bad the happy ending couldn't last very long, as magic in the form of purple smoke (How very Lost of OUAT!) was fast-approaching, with Henry saying it was "something bad." The" bad" part was definitely confirmed by Regina's evil smirk when she saw it coming. Ruh-roh!

Fan Favorite Take Over: Not only did Hot Hipster Sheriff Graham (Jamie Dornan, still missing you, boo!) and Jefferson/Mad Hatter (Sebastian Stan) make brief but important appearances, Emilie De Ravin also showed up as one of viewers' favorite princesses in all the land, Belle. Jefferson broke Belle out of the crazy house, and, to our surprise, she shared a sweet reunion with her true love, Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle), who believed she was dead. They even said "I love you"! Alas, he had to go and ruin the moment by bringing magic back, saying, "Magic is coming…because magic is power."

True Love Prevails: After a season's worth of speed bumps and small-town scandals (a Jeep was defaced during the making of this show), David/Prince Charming (Josh Dallas) and Mary Margaret/Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) were finally reunited and shared one epic freakin' kiss that had us cheering, crying and squealing all at once.


Twists! If you thought last May's season finale was a doozy, well, prepare yourself for what goes down tonight. Without spoiling the fun, let's just say that there are some unexpected connections revealed, that you will not see coming! Plus, the whereabouts of certain characters are decidedly Lost-y, and it's awesome. Tonight's premiere was most definitely worth the wait.

Belle of the Ball: One of our biggest OUAT dreams came true when it was announced that Emilie would be returning in season two as a series regular. Wheeee, we say! Wheeee! So what's ahead for Belle? A lot of confusion, as we'll see her try to adjust to the modern world (she doesn't even know what a telephone is!) and we'll definitely see her relationship with Mr. Gold bring some darkness out of her. Also receiving a series-regular promotion is Meghan Ory as Ruby/Red Riding Hood, who will now have to deal with the full moon. Yikes.

New Kids On The Block Some new fairy-tale characters you can expect to meet in season two include Lancelot (Sinqua Walls), Princess Aurora (Sarah Bolger), Prince Phillip (Julian Morris), Mulan (Jamie Chung), Captain Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) and Jack of Beanstalk fame. Lost vet Jorge Garcia is also stopping by to play a giant. "You're going to meet these people through our characters," showrunner Edward Kitsis said. "We want to make sure you get to learn about the ones you've already fallen in love with."

Family Reunion: Yes, fans can expect a a big ole Charming family reunion when the show returns, as Emily will know that David and Mary Margaret are her parents, despite the fact that they are all the same age. Awkward alert! Viewers can also expect to meet Henry's father and Rumpel's grown-up son in season two.

Once Upon a Time returns tonight on ABC. Check back right after it airs for our recap, and to tell us what you thought! We love tonight's premiere episode and hope you do, too.

"You're going to meet these people through our characters," said Kitsis. "We want to make sure you get to learn about the ones you've already fallen in love with."

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