Summer Holt Miller, Kellie Pickler

Courtesy Russ Harrington

Hair, hair, Kellie Pickler!

The country star shaved her long blond locks off yesterday morning on Good Morning America to show support for her lifelong BFF, Summer Holt Miller, who is undergoing breast cancer treatment. Since her brave, epic haircut, there's been an outpouring of support for the former American Idol star.

"I cannot thank everyone enough for all the love and support you've given Summer," Kellie tweeted Wednesday night. "Chemo starts tomorrow. #SayAPrayerForSummer"

Ellen DeGeneres tweeted to Kellie, "you have never looked more beautiful."

"Thank you so much Ellen..." she replied to the talk show host. "you made my day! Hope to see you soon! Xo :-)"

Goodnatured K.P. already has some plans that work with her new 'do. "Thinking about being 'G.I. Jane' for halloween. ;)," she tweeted.

Laughter is the best medicine. We're glad Summer has a best friend like Kellie to help her smile through the tough times.

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