Bridesmaids Star Chris O'Dowd Gets Married

Irish comedian ties the knot with longtime partner Dawn Porter

By Gina Serpe Sep 06, 2012 3:22 PMTags
Chris O'Dowd, Dawn PorterTwitter

Always a Bridesmaids star, never a bride? Well, true enough. But Chris O'Dowd did have the honor of being a groom at his recent wedding.

The Irish funnyman tied the knot with his longtime partner, British TV personality Dawn Porter, in a three-day celebration that ended with the duo swapping vows in a backyard ceremony.

Make that a very low-key backyard ceremony, if the his and hers outfits O'Dowd tweeted after the fact are any indication.

"Just married!!!!" the 32-year-old comic tweeted after the Aug. 26 ceremony, showing off himself and his 33-year-old wife in matching tracksuits in front of a tent labeled "Just Married."

"Chris O'Porter," he wrote just before, in a much subtler declaration of his marital status.

A few days later, the proud new husband tweeted out a racy shot of his lingerie-clad wife, adding, "There are times for restraint and there are times to boast about your sexy new wife! LOOK WHAT I GOT!!!"

Uh, honeymoon over?

"That wasn't the wedding photo I was planning to release. #husbands," Porter tweeted.

We have a feeling she'll forgive him, especially considering her more adorable married-life tweets:

"Christ, I'm married," she wrote not long after the ceremony. "It was incredible. I promise to tell you all about it soon. For now it's just for us. #perfect.

"Twas a 3 day love fest. Sure, I have an amazing husband, but I also have the most smashing pals imaginable."

But maybe not the most thrilling social life.

"Day in bed with Kettle Chips," she wrote the day after she said said "I do." "Married life is bloody amazing. This is how it will always be, right?"

OK, maybe now the honeymoon's over.