Alana, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo


Our immediate thought after watching tonight's episode of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo: We love Sugar Bear!

In the ep titled "Shh! It's a Wig!," the family patriarch finally got his chance to shine, showing off his fatherly side and his pool-building skills. Color us impressed!

Alana Thompson and her sisters decided to grill their mom, June, about why she doesn't want to marry her baby daddy. But first, it was time to go wig-shopping. Obviously. 

Wig Out: June believes that the secret to Alana's Rock Star pageant success hinges on her wig, so the family takes a trip to a wig store called "Shh! It's a Wig!" Yes, the family has a lot of fun saying that. Too bad their wigs leave much to be desired, as June says the wig they made for Alana is "a hot mess." We'd have to agree.

Still, the family manages to have some fun trying on wigs, much to Sugar Bear's delight. First, he's turned on by June in a blond wig (shudder) and then tries on a mullet because he wants to be taller. Dream big, Suges!

Sugar Bear, He Really Cares: Because it's so hot out, Sugar Bear decides to surprise all of the girls with a pool, and even wants to make a ladder just for his ladylove because it will be too shaky otherwise. (True freakin' love!) However, the pool process hits a speed bump as Sugar Bear admits, "My putting-together skills ain't that good." Eventually it's finished, and Alana swims her little heart out. 

The M-Word: Sugar Bear, being the chivalrous pool-maker that he is, takes the family out to a barbecue restaurant. While June calls him "emotionless," Sugar Bear says of his girls, "I love ‘em and I'd do anything in this world for ‘em."

While at the family dinner, things get awkward when the girls ask June why she won't make an honest man out of Sugar Bear. "It's been eight years," he reasons. "That's not gonna happen," June says of marrying Suges. "Relationships come and go, but my kids will always ve forever. Family is always first, period." Still, Sugar Bear says that he sees all the girls as his daughters, even though Alana is his only biological one.

(Informal vote time: Does June deserve Sugar Bear? Discuss!)

Dumpster Diving: The episode's other highlights included the family taking a trip to the department store. And by department store, we mean dumpsters. At an actual dump. We wish we were joking. 

Still, the episode ended on a nice moment, with the family watching fireworks, doing a group sing-along, and Alana proclaiming, "This is the best day of my life!"


"I hope they have a clown wig. For me." —Alana, at the wig store

"I look like I'm gonna rob somebody!" —Alana, in her wig cap

"It makes me feel a little frisky and I kind of wanted to jump some bones." Sugar Bear, on seeing June with a blond wig on

"The more they're cooled off, the less they're nagging me." —Sugar Bear, on why he is putting up a pool

"I don't think I'm a real  person. I think I'm a fish." —Alana, on loving to swim

"We're not fat, we're pleasingly plump." —Sugar Bear

"They should have a Dumpster Diva Pageant because I would win." —Alana

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