McKayla Maroney

Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers

Looks like the Dodgers finally gave McKayla Maroney a reason to smile.

The U.S. Olympic champion launched a thousand memes with her signature scowl, but yesterday the 16-year-old athlete was beaming at Dodger Stadium along with her Fierce Five teammates Kyla Ross and Gabby Douglas.

All three of the gold medal gals tossed first pitches for the first game of the series at Dodger Stadium.

So what's got McKayla jumping with joy? Turns out not only can the gal flip and twirl, but she can also throw a pitch, and the gymnastics star reacted with total enthusiasm when her ball made it to the catcher on the fly (if you're keeping score, McKayla's got the best arm in the Olympic crew!).

As for a special snapshot of McKayla's sour face? Well, you may be in luck when she presents at the MTV VMAs along with the rest of her Fierce Five teammates.  

"We'll have to wait and see," McKayla told E! News when asked if she would do the McKayla look at the VMAs.

Considering us hoping and waiting—an excuse for more McKayla memes is an offer we'll never pass up!

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