Royal Romance Alert: Pippa Middleton Love Rumors Fly After Attending U.S. Open With Tennis Hunk Spencer Vegosen

Dating speculation ramps up for Kate Middleton's little sister during stateside trip

By Gina Serpe Sep 05, 2012 5:11 PMTags
Pippa Middleton, Spencer VegosenMike Stobe/Getty Images for USTA

Celebrities know this: you can't be spotted in so much as the same hemisphere as another famous person of the opposite gender without romance rumors kicking into overdrive. Well, that goes double for members of the royal family.

Pippa Middleton is no doubt discovering that this week, as her stateside trip spawns countless headlines (far more flattering ones than Prince Harry's Vegas sojourn, obviously), with the latest bout of reports centering on just how cozy she's gotten with hottie tennis ace Spencer Vegosen.

Ace of hearts, that is.

Kate Middleton's little sis was first spotted with the junior tennis player yesterday, when the 28-year-old Brit and 24-year-old athlete joined together to watch the U.S. Open.

Of course, it didn't take long for the duo, who watched the women's singles quarter final match along with some of Pippa's girlfriends, to be subjected to speculation as to possible romantic intentions (which is no big surprise—Middleton has only been in town a few days and already saw herself paired off in the tabloids with hotelier André Balazs). Though should the Vegosen rumors pan out, he might make for a much more suitable match. Since the British papers caught a sniff of this prospective suitor, they've sussed out practically all of his credentials.

Previously a top junior player, he's also a Chicago-born Harvard grad who is said to speak Mandarin Chinese, Classical Chinese, Japanese and Spanish. He may or may not have worked at Goldman Sachs and his father is the president of the U.S. Tennis Association.

It's no future king of England, but then again, nothing is.

As it happens, Middleton was at the match as a guest of Roger Federer and while, unsurprisingly, none of the parties have addressed the romantic speculation, Pippa will likely get tongues wagging as she continues making the rounds...whether she does solo or not (FWIW, her on-off beau Alex Loudon did not make the trip). She's currently in the U.S. to attend meetings regarding the American publication of her forthcoming party book, Celebrate: A Year of Festivities for Families and Friends.