President Barack Obama, D.L. Hughley

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While Michelle Obama was earning high praise for her keynote speech (and looking the picture of the perfect FLOTUS the entire time), across town there was a different kind of Barack Obama appreciation going on: one that involved a lot of F-bombs!

Comedians D.L. Hughley and Aries Spears teamed up for the One World Comedy Jam held at Charlotte, N.C.'s Blumenthal Performing Arts Belk Theater. Among other NSFW (though often hilarious) topics of conversation, the trio dove right into politics. And they didn't mince words…about anything.

"Rush Limbaugh, he said Barack Obama caused a tornado. And then Paul Ryan said Barack Obama was responsible for closing the plant that closed down before he got into office," D.L. explained. "They think this motherf--ker can go back in time! Let me tell you something, if you can go back in time and control the weather, that's a motherf--ker you don't f--k with!"

"This political climate is amazing! People are saying some of the dumbest s--t," D.L. sounded off on the likes of Todd Akin before turning his attention to Clint Eastwood and his now infamous RNC speech (the one that inspired the Eastwooding meme).

D.L. continued, "Clint Eastwood just went left didn't he? Clint Eastwood is like a classic Republican: he's an old, rich white dude who's out of touch with reality and talks to people who ain't even there."

And Clint wasn't the only Republican in Hughley's crosshairs. He also had something to say about how he thinks the Grand Old Party is treating women:

"Republicans, their whole debate is they want to shrink government and get to the abortion issue," he pondered. "So shrink government, yet get into a woman's business. I think they actually want a government so small they can fit it into a woman's vagina!" 

Aries had some equally harsh words for the GOP: "It kills me when people act like there's no racism in politics. Of course there is: They're called Republicans...With their slogans, ‘We want our country back!' From whom?! Barack has gone above and beyond the call of duty to prove that this country belongs to him as much as anyone else."

And, despite issues of the economy, social issues or anything else, Aries has one reason he's voting for Obama in 2012.

"Our president is about to make his second run," Aries proclaimed. "He's still the most qualified motherf--ker for the job. If he didn't do s--t else to cement his legacy as one of the greatest presidents of all time, he accomplished something two presidents before him could not: capture and kill the most wanted motherf--ker on the planet."

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