Kelly Rutherford, Anthony, Hermes, Helena


Kelly Rutherford is paying close attention to Daniel Giersch

The Gossip Girl star—who has been dealing with a very public and very bitter custody battle against her ex-husband over their two children—arrived at a French airport to visit her kids Sunday, and guess who else was there? The paparazzi.

And Rutherford has an idea who tipped photogs off about her family's whereabouts.

Rutherford was reportedly enraged after seeing photos of her meetup with Hermés, 5, and Helena, 3, surface on the Internet. And the actress believes Giersch might have set it up, which would be against court orders.

Her spokesperson David Goldin exclusively tells E! News that "if indeed it is true that the father staged hit photo op in violation of the court order after being banned by the U.S. government from entering the United States, the facts continue to make this situation more bizarre than any Gossip Girl episode could ever be." 

Giersch's attorney Fahi Hallin tells E! News, "I can tell you that Mr. Giersch absolutely did not do any such set up.  As to the circumstances regarding my client's Visa, he does not wish to comment over and above what is already in the court documents, because he wants and has always wanted to keep maximum privacy for the sake of the children."

Days after a judge ruled that her children would relocate to Monaco to live with her estranged ex-husband, Rutherford told Good Morning America Saturday morning, "I will never stop fighting for my children.

"They're my babies, and they're very young, and this is going to affect them profoundly, and I want to be there as much as I can to show them that this isn't my fault, this isn't something I wanted," Rutherford said in the sit-down.

—Reporting by Claudia Rosenbaum

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