Carney Wilson


Too bad she's not an alum otherwise we imagine Carnie Wilson probably would like to hold on to this honor.

When the Cairine Wilson Secondary School in Ottawa put up a new school sign, little did school officials realize they'd be paying accidental tribute to the famed singer from early '90s pop group Wilson Phillips!

Thanks to a spelling mix-up, instead of the school sporting the moniker of the first woman appointed to Canada's Senate for which it's named after, the sign read the "Carnie Wilson Secondary School" after the 44-year-old Wilson, the musical scion of Beach Boy Brian Wilson and his first wife, singer Marilyn Rovell.

The goof was hilarious enough that it prompted one enterprising prankster to tag the logo with graffiti in the form of a "Yup!" and an arrow.

Once discovered though, high school administrators quickly replaced the erroneous title with the correct version and chalked it up to an "honest mistake."

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"They peeled off the lettering and replaced it yesterday. I'm afraid there's nothing to keep. A hilarious, clean & honest mistake," tweeted school board trustee John Shea.

And here we thought they were trying to lure Wilson Phillips to town for a gig.

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