Blake Lively Looks Like a Million, Er, $4 Million in New Gucci Ad

Gossip Girl star has a new fragrance spread and a new press tour to promote it! That means we get to eye our gal-pals looks and judge

By Leslie Gornstein, Ken Baker Sep 07, 2012 5:30 PMTags
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UPDATE: The fashion world's golden girl is rolling in the green for this one. E! News has exclusively learned that Blake is getting paid $2 million a year for the next two years to promote the the fragrance as part of a multimedia campaign. It's her first such deal and it certainly seems to have been worth the wait.

"She has done it smart by not overendorsing to many brands," a source familiar with the deal told E! News. "She's gorgeous and her image is a valuable one."


By now you're well aware of our problem with Blake Lively and that's this: She has no problems.

Venturelli/Getty Images for P&G Prestige

At least not in the looks department. You cannot take a bad photo of the Gossip Girl star. It's a proven law of science. E=MC(squared). Lively=Perfect x Infinity. And it just ain't fair!

As if the world weren't cruel enough, here come some fresh images of the 25-year-old beauty and they're just as flawless as ever.

Yes, you'd expect this kind of glossy perfection from an ad campaign, such as this new shot for Gucci's Premiere fragrance. But just to torture ourselves, we've also thrown in a recent photo of Lively on the red carpet, promoting said Gucci-girl gig at the fragrance's launch party in Italy.

Another day, another Gucci Premiere cocktail dress. The horror.

As for what the actress wore with that frock, again, it's sheer magic—as a dress with this many spangles calls for little to nothing in the accessories department—one bangle, one cocktail ring, one set of very minimal ankle strap sandals, and you're good to go.

Geez, even Blake's glam squad is perfect!

(Originally published on Sept. 4, 2012 at 11:58 a.m. PT)