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Even if you've been watching Glee reruns every single day since the season-three finale (we hope not...go outside!), you might need a quick refresher as to how Glee ended back in May. Plus, we've got a quick guide to everything coming up in season four.


The End of Finchel: We hesitated about putting a question mark after Finchel, but based on their last moments together, the breakup is pretty much cemented. Finn (Cory Monteith) put his former fiancée Rachel (Lea Michele) on a train to New York City, telling her she should go on with her life without him. Finn revealed his plans to enlist in the Army, and the core couple on the show broke up in what was one of the most heartbreaking scenes in Glee history.

New Directions Won Nationals: It only took three seasons, but New Directions took home top prize at Nationals, achieving a goal that Mr. Schue had in his head since the pilot.

Will and Emma Did the Deed: No wedding date yet, but Will (Matthew Morrison), and Emma (Jayma Mays) finally had sex in celebration of the glee club's National win. We assume they used protection, but this is TV world, and sometimes gals get knocked up despite the best intentions.

Meanwhile, With Other Couples: Kurt (Chris Colfer) didn't get into NYADA, and Blaine (Darren Criss) still has one more year left at McKinley High, so, for the time being, those two were still together and in the same state. Santana (Naya Rivera) was still undecided between New York, Louisville and staying in Lima with Brittany (Heather Morris).


Rachel Is Single and Sexy: Based on our set visit and the recent promos and clips that Fox has rolled out, Rachel is going to get a new (naked) love interest and she'll be embracing her sexy side. As for Finn, Michele told us that while we won't see him for a bit, his storyline is worth the wait. And yes, he'll be visiting Rachel in New York, but we can't promise it'll be an easy-going romantic visit.

Kurt and Rachel, Roommates: Kurt moves in with Rachel in New York, thus putting a rift between himself and his boyfriend back in Lima, Blaine. Both Finchel and Klaine will be put through the ringer in the first couple of episodes, so shippers beware.

McKinley High Newbies: Rachel's NYADA love interest isn't the only new kid in town. Brittany gets a rival in Kitty, played by Becca Tobin, who looks exactly like Quinn (Dianna Agron) did in season one. Plus, New Directions will have to recruit new members to fill up the spots needed for sectionals, and some familiars faces will be popping up to help. Namely, Unique, played by Glee Project winner Alex Newell. Is he the new Mercedes?

The New Rachel: Finally, we will get a new leader of New Directions, who will take over the spotlight at McKinley. Brittany, Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) and Blaine are all top contenders, but a newbie might swoop in to yank the leader role away.

The new season of Glee premieres on Thursday, Sept. 13 on Fox.

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