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Is it true that there was going to be a hologram of Ronald Reagan at the Republican National Convention?
—Jerry U., via the inbox

According to a man who has obtained the rights to a Reagan speech for just such a purpose, yes. The image was, according to Tony Reynolds, founder of crowdsourcing website A KickIn Crowd, going to re-debut outside the convention venue. Reynolds claims that AV Concepts, the same company behind the Tupac performance at Coachella, was also behind the project. However, Reynolds told Yahoo News, he was asked by Republican activists to delay the stunt. Our request for comment from Reynolds wasn't immediately answered.

Also, it would not have been a hologram; Coachella Tupac was flat.

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What is the name of the ringtone Matt LeBlanc uses on Episodes?
—Shannon Grigsby, via Facebook

That would be "Two Time" by Syd Dale.

Did Honey Boo Boo really beat out the Republican National Convention in viewership?
—ZestyFresh, via Twitter


All these short shorts. Are they getting any longer for fall?
—Candy K., via the inbox

Not yet; the fall trend report is chock full o' very, very tiny short pants.


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