Fox has just made it a little safer to turn on your TV sets Saturday nights. After only one broadcast, the fourth network has terminated Lawless--an atrocious private-eye shoot-'em-up starring failed NFL linebacker Brian Bosworth. It was a show that made the A-Team look sophisticated.

In what will be its only broadcast last Saturday from 9-10 p.m., the Boz bombed, drawing a pitiful 4.8 rating and 8 share--the kind of numbers usually pulled by Nielsen bottom-dwellers. "Lawless did not meet our expectations creatively or from a ratings perspective," Fox Entertainment Group President Peter Roth said in a statement. What was Fox expecting, Shakespeare?

That makes Lawless the second casualty of the midseason replacement series. NBC has already axed Prince Street, which has probably prompted the producers of Arsenio, The Practice, Spy Game, Pauly, Temporarily Yours, Feds and Just Shoot Me to start looking for new day jobs.

Meanwhile, there's some good news in TV-land. Fox rewarded Chris Carter by renewing his marginally rated Millennium for a second season. Carter's flagship creepy series, The X-Files is up for renewal next season, so Fox wants to keep him happy and keep the high-rated X-Files at the network, which possibly explains why they are holding on to Millennium.

In its announcement of the renewal, Fox kissed some serious Carter butt. "Millennium is a well-crafted, provocative series that has proven its ability to evolve naturally and organically, as is the plan and vision of its creator, Chris Carter," said Roth.

Like its Carter-created predecessor, Millennium has struggled in the ratings in its inaugural season--averaging a 6.4 rating and 11 share and ranking No. 77 in the Nielsens this year--the numbers plummeted drastically after the show debuted with a strong 11.9/21 in October. However, the series has performed well in the key 18-49 demographic--another clue to why the network is sticking by it.

But Millennium is not untouchable. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Fox is considering tinkering with the show, perhaps giving lead Lance Henriksen a partner.

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