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 We've spent a lot of time over the past couple of days talking about the new shows coming to your small screens in the fall, but don't think we forgot about the returning series! There's plenty to look forward to when new episodes start rolling out, and we've got spoilers to get you ready.

A new character is coming to Glee, and this time it's not a New Yorker. And based on some bit of info we've stumbled across, How I Met Your Mother might have just set an end date for Barney and Quinn! All that, plus Grey's Anatomy, Modern Family, Supernatural and more in today's Spoiler Chat:

Connie: Glee scoop that has nothing to do with couples, please
We hear ya. Seems like most Glee updates are all about who's breaking up, who's hooking up and who's getting naked with a newbie. But here's a scoopy bit about Glee's new season that might have nothing to do with the kids: In episode four, we'll be meeting a new teacher at McKinley High. At first we were worried it might be someone who attracts the attention of either Will or Emma, but this new teacher is in her 50s and is already a Mrs. Nevertheless, she could be sticking around for longer than one episode.

Matt: Anything on How I Met Your Mother?
Chew on this: episode six of the new season is called "Splitsville." And we do know that the episode will feature a dessert restaurant that is famous for being a hot spot for breakups. Could this be when and where Quinn and Barney meet their end? The sooner the better…bring on Barney and Robin's reunion!

Felicia: I can't wait for a pregnant Gloria on Modern Family! Got scoop?
Only that viewers won't have to look at beautiful Gloria wearing ugly maternity muumuus. "It has been a lot of fun to dress her with the same style that Gloria used to have but now with a five-month-old belly," Sofia Vegara tells us. "And then it's going to be seven months and then nine months. So it's been great for me to play with the character." Who else thinks that Gloria at nine months pregnant will look better than us in a non-knocked-up state?

Terrance in Los Angeles: Supernatural scoop!
Does Supernatural have the best episode titles ever? We think so. And episode seven of the new season is no different. In "A Little Slice of Kevin," we'll meet Naomi, a major recurring guest star who will play a very important role in the boys' lives. That's all we can reveal for now. Move along please!

Alan Zenuk/USA Network

Helen: I miss Hart of Dixie…spoilers please!
We were on set for the Halloween episode, and based on what we saw, fans are going to go crazy…for the costumes, for the love triangle drama and, well, for the costumes. We can't reveal much right now, but we will say that someone is dressed as James Bond, with a license to be damn handsome.

Gordon: You haven't given us Psych scoop in a long time. How about if I tell you that you're pretty? Will that help?
Flattery gets you everywhere! And now that we know you think we're pretty, this Psych scoop just happen to fall into our laps. Psych is looking for a big name to play a very important guest star and possibly recurring eccentric character named Trout. The only other thing we know is that he'll appear in the season-seven finale. We cannot wait to see who Psych picks for this role.

Melissa F.: I am living Penny's life on Happy Endings, so I need some scoop on what's in my future.
You're the new Penny? Cool! How is the year of Melissa, by the way? Good news for you: Penny will not only be getting a new boyfriend on Happy Endings, she'll be keeping him and maintain a healthy relationship with him. Doesn't that seem odd to you? That's how Max feels, and it drives him nearly insane.

Kasey in Boston: Grey's scoop! Anything on MerDer?
This might be MerDer related, but we'll let you speculation wizards handle that. Grey's is looking for a new doctor in his mid-40s, who is perhaps just what Seattle Grace needs: a genuinely good guy. And he could be around for longer than one episode.

Marshall: American Horror Story info, if you got it.
Ryan Murphy
dropped some pretty tantalizing scoop on his Twitter, revealing that American Horror Story season one alum Frances Conroy is returning to the show for Asylum. "Devils and angels this year...Frannie plays the ultimate angel." Guess who's playing the ultimate devil?

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