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Well, this'll certainly make good fodder for a rap song someday. We just need to think of a rhyme for "got arrested again two weeks before turning yo'self in for a two-year prison stint resulting from tax evasion."

But Beanie Sigel, the Broad Street Bully rapper known for his work with Jay-Z and Snoop Dogg, will probably have a better grasp on that than us. Seeing as he was, ya know, arrested again this morning (Aug. 29), just a fortnight shy of hitting the clink for previous charges.

"A traffic stop was initiated on a tan Ford Fusion bearing for following too closely and swerving out of their travel lane," the police report indicates of the arrest that occurred at 3:14 this morning in Philadelphia.

Beanie aka Dwight E. Grant was not driving the car, but after police found "several prescription bottles and a small amount of marijuana" on Gerald Andrews, they decided to search "famous hip hop rapper" Beanie too (hey! At least he got a glitzy shout-out in the documents!).

The report continues, "A search of the passenger resulted in finding approximately $4,650.00 along with a bottle of codeine syrup with a scratched off label. The passenger also had several prescription pills wrapped in plastic bags located in a cigarette pack."

Appears someone was possibly planning to make it rain. Or have a, um...refreshing (???) glass of sizzurp (that'd be codeine, fruit-flavored soda and a Jolly Rancher, naturally). Kids, don't try that at home.

If only that were the extent of his worries:

"Troopers conducted an inventory search of the vehicle, which revealed a firearm located in the center console," the report details. "Both individuals are convicted Felons and not to possess a firearm."


Chris Schwartz, CEO of Ruffhouse Records, which dropped Beanie's album This Time on Tuesday, told TMZ, "Beanie has been struggling with some personal issues, and we continue to support him now and throughout his impending incarceration." An incarceration that might just have a little more time tacked onto it now.

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