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Art Streiber/TBS

You may not want to turn to Conan for your inside scoop of the Republican Nationtal Convention down in Tampa.

One of Conan O'Brien's writers, Deon Cole, was banned from the convention center after less than a day—or at least that was the case as of Tuesday's episode.

Asked how it was going down at the RNC, Cole replied matter-of-factly, "Oh, I got kicked out."

"Are you being serious?" O'Brien asked incredulously. "Did you really get kicked out?"

"Yeah, man," Cole said, launching into his story. "Late last night, I was jonesing, and I went to the convention center—and let me tell you, me being a comedian, when I see big stages and big microphones, I got to get a piece, Conan. This is what happened, look, man."

Flash to video of Cole, clad conservatively in a suit and tie, took the podium and addressed the...well, he addressed a bunch of chairs where there would be people the following morning.

A none-too-amused Secret Service agent caught his impromptu act, however. Hence, being kicked out of the convention on his first night there.

"I'm sorry, is that what got you kicked out, for real?" O'Brien asked.

"I'm telling you, man, when I see microphones, I lose my mind, Conan!" Cole pleaded. "Plus, I was trying to impress these women down there. They was lookin' really nice."

Not to worry, Cole's got a tentative contingency plan for the next two days.

"Well, it's nice weather down here," he told O'Brien. "I still got this Team CoCo credit card. Also, there's a bunch of drunk, rich, white women who think I'm the Old Spice guy, so...I don't know, man!"

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